• Overhauled presses
    Overhauled presses Sell ​​used injection presses for plastics
  • Control systems
    Control systems Control systems for IMM touch-screen connected to the I / O Profibus
  • Overhaul
    Overhaul Total or partial revision of injection molding machines for plastics


Briefly some services provided:

• Technical service carried out by our qualified engineers
• Spare parts for Injection Moulding Machine
• Power saving inverters retro-fitted
• PLC unit replaced for upgrading for on-board integrated machine hot runner handling
• Consultants for customized injection screws and barrels to meet specific requirements
• Total or partial overhaul of the injection moulding machine
• Customized PLC and HMI software developed by our team
• Supply of IMM touch-screen control systems with connections to Profibus modules